“What is the earliest memory you have?”

Hmm. I have one really early one that my mom swears there is NO WAY I can remember it. However, it is not something that is ever talked about, and there are no photographs.

She says I was about 2, maybe 2.5 years old. My dad had a vasectomy, and we were in the room with him after the procedure. I remember my mom sitting me on the footstool that was in the room. She handed me a Root Beer, which I do not believe I had ever had before. Mom was not real big on babies/kids having soda. I remember sitting down and taking a sip of it, and loving it. I glanced over at my parents, and my mom was peeking under the blankets. I had NO idea what she was looking at or what had even occurred, obviously. But I remember that LOL. And I remember my dad saying, “Be careful. Do NOT spill that.”

Of course, I immediately spilled it while trying to set it down on the floor.

I have a few other memories from around age 3. They involve pain, so I am assuming maybe that is why they stuck around in my head. I busted my face on the chrome bumper of my mom’s friends car while trying to climb up on it. Not sure WHY I was climbing… but hey.. I was 3. *shrug* I gave myself two fat lips and I bit my tongue pretty good. I am very lucky I did not knock out any teeth. I hit so hard it knocked me out.

Another involves getting a stye in my eye, and my dad putting medicine in it. Mom used to have to hold me down because I do not like ANYONE or ANYTHING in my face. Not even my dad, who was just trying to help me.

Do you have any really early memories?

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