“What is your nighttime routine?”

Well, I do not have one. Okay, I guess I kind of do. On nights where I have to work the next day, I watch some tv after dinner with hubby, and sometimes the kidlet. Then, around 11 or so I will come into my office and clean the litter box. I will put on my Beats and listen to some music while I blog. If I do not fall down some sort of rabbit hole, I wrap it up and head to bed by 2ish.

When I do not have to work the next day, anything goes. I come into my office when hubby goes to bed. I listen to music, blog, peruse Facebook and Instagram, read up on some news, chat with a friend or two who may be up.. Some times I make things with my Cricut. I am usually up til 3 or 4. Sometimes it is 6 or 7 before I crash out.

I do not have to work tomorrow and I have not been in my office in days, except to clean the litter box. I haven’t blogged since the 5th. Ugh. I have just been dealing with some stuff, and then I was not feeling well, and top that off with what I THINK was a slight case of food poisoning and here we are. I slept a LOT the last few days. I would be asleep by 10 and would sleep til 7, then come home from work and nap for two hours. Crazy. Not sure what was going on, but my night owl is back in full swing lol.

Do you have a night time routine?

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