“The most terrifying moment of your life?”

Hmmm. I had to think about this one, as I have had one or three.

One time, my ex, my friend Dan, and myself were out for a ride on a beautiful spring day. We were in the R’s (the ex) Blazer, windows down, music blaring. We were on a very narrow two lane road. There was a car headed in our direction in the opposite lane. Out of nowhere appears a police cruiser, and hes going top speed. There is nowhere for the car to pull over. There is nowhere for us to pull over. The cop decides to pass the car, so now hes coming directly at us. It was WAY WAY too close for comfort. How he did not hit us head on is an act of God, I kid you not.

I was terrified. I thought I was as good as dead. I am not kidding even a little bit. I was in tears because I thought I was about to die. I started to climb up and over the back of my seat in a panic. It all happened SO fast. At the literal last second, he pulled back into his lane. He looked as terrified as I felt. He obviously knew he’d made a bad decision there!

I remember plopping back down in my seat and we drifted to a stop. R was shaking like a leaf and my friend Dan sat there wide eyed and silent. I could not breathe. Dan saw the panic on my face when he leaned forward to ask if we were okay. I literally could NOT breathe. He shoved me forward and whacked me hard between my shoulder blades, causing me to take a deep breath. It hurt. I felt like fire was exploding though my chest and my lungs. It hurt SO badly. For 3 days my chest hurt.

A month or so later at my yearly physical, I told my doc about it. He said that in some instances, extreme fear can cause heart attacks. He was angry with me for not getting checked out right after it happened. But, I really had no idea. I am pretty sure that bitch stopped for a few seconds LOL.

I had one other instance that was terrifying, but the fear came AFTER, if that even makes sense. My cousin and I were on the train bridge over the river in the little town we lived in. I was 8. It was a super hot summer day. We were watching his older brother and a friend below who were swimming and behaving ridiculously. We were giggling and laughing at them and at one point my cousin spit on his brother from above. Gross..

All of a sudden, my older cousin looks up and shouts, “What in the Hell are you guys doing?? GET OFF THE BRIDGE! THERE’S A TRAIN!!!” I remember looking at P, who looked at me, and at the same time we looked up. The train was on the bridge, horn blaring and brakes squealing! P grabbed me by the seat of my pants and my long hair and basically tossed me off to the side. He jumped after me, and as the train went by, the conductor was leaning out the little window, eyes popped out, veins bulging, shaking his fists and screaming at us. Couldn’t hear him, obviously, but I prayed for forgiveness for months after that. Poor man. I cannot imagine.

P and I sat there for about 5 minutes, when he jumped up and grabbed me to pull me up. I was shaking too badly to do much of anything. He dragged me off into the woods because he was afraid his brother would come up and find us. As far as we knew, they did not know it was us up there. We sat in those woods for at least an hour trying to shake the fear and panic that consumed us, not to mention the sheer confusion we felt. WHY did we not hear or feel that train??

No one ever did know it was us, til years later when it came up at the bar. We were sitting around drinking, talking of old times, and it came up. My dad’s words were, “You kids… some times I wonder.. You’re lucky I didn’t know this at the time. I’d have beat both your asses…” LOL

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