“Write a list of at least 50 things that make you feel good.”

When my kid hugs me for no reason
Kisses to my forehead from hubby
When my mom makes me soup when I am sick
When my cats headbonk me
Puffy cloud days
When our friends message me and say “Let’s get together, we miss you.”
Listening to music
Being in the water
When loved ones message me, just wanting to say hey
Multiple thanks for a delicious meal that I make for my people
Having all the bird feeders, bird bath full.. and watching the birds enjoy it
Any time spent in my hammock
Sharing a favorite ANYTHING with my people, be it a song, movie, book, tv show, commercial, joke, etc.
My job
The smell of the rain
Memories of my grandparents
Memories of my daddy
When my mom shares personal stories and memories with me
Making my people smile and feel special
the ocean
the moon
being able to see the Milky Way from my porch
watching meteor showers with friends, kiddo and hubs
Leslie Jordan
Twister (the movie)
Crab Rangoons
A really good thunderstorm
the sound of waves crashing on the beach
and the sound of the river flowing
spring peepers
lonely trees
bumble bees
that feeling of getting into bed with fresh sheets after you have showered
soft, fluffy bath towels
the exhilaration of zooming down the road on Martha (my ATV)
A good stretch upon waking
waking to the smell of brewing coffee
hugs from anyone who really either needs/wants a hug, or wants/needs to hug ME
finding anything and everything involved in my hunt for our ancestry
gentle breezes
when someone lets you know that they appreciates you
being told “I love you”

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