“What makes you angry?”

Being lied to. Being taken advantage of. Seeing people be unkind to one another. To see people abusing the elderly, children, and animals. Fix your pets, folks. Millions of animals die every year because of people not fixing their pets, then dumping them at the slightest inconvenience. And, at the risk of pissing someone off, things like gay rights, abortion, and gun rights? JUST MIND YOUR OWN. You have no right to get in anyone’s face about any of those things.

When people drive like idiots. When something goes on sale, RIGHT AFTER I BOUGHT IT. Rain on camping trips. We tent camp, so it can get messy. And I hate being stuck in the tent.

I tried not to get too deep here. There is so much hate in this world. So many injustices. War makes me angry. Extremists make me angry. I could write a book. But, this is just a little old blog from a little old nobody, so there is no need to go down the rabbit hole of suck that is all the things that make me angry.

I would much rather focus on good things. Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. *big smile*

Until next time …


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May 16, 2021


May 18, 2021