“What is the most outrageous and crazy thing you have ever done?”

Well, I am a fun person, but not wild and crazy. I think the craziest thing I have ever really done was to chase John Mellencamp across the country back in the early 2000s. Haha. I was newly single. I had just moved to Florida. I had been a member of what us Mellenheads refer to as “The List”, which started off in the late 90s as a mailing list, and evolved into an internet group/chat/fan club deal.

I had the honor of designing Mellencamp’s official website back in like 1998/1999/2000, until his new record company took it over. Through the list, I met many fans, a lot of whom I remain friends with til this day. When he went on tour in 1999/2000, I went to around 16 or 17 shows in a single tour. Many times there being 3 shows I would attend in a single weekend! All of this required a lot of money, early morning flights, late nights, many hotel rooms, too many bars, great food, and a ton of fun with some of the best people I know.

Around the 12th show, security pulled me aside to ask me some questions. They had noticed me at a lot of the shows. They were actually concerned I was some sort of stalker. I was always in the first couple rows (fan club seating for the win!!) and one of the security guys was like, “There she is AGAIN!!” This also happened to a friend of mine, who had also attended many shows as well.

After speaking with me for a moment or three, they quickly realized I was harmless and just loved John and his band and his music and I was letting loose and having fun.

That is about as crazy as I get, y’all … 😉

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