“Share a favorite recipe.”

Okay then. This is a favorite around here.. my skillet breakfast hash.


1 lb bacon
1 large Vidalia onion
4 medium potatoes
a lot of minced garlic lol
salt, pepper, and paprika to taste
8 eggs

Over medium heat, I cook the bacon first. Set aside to cool.
Dice onion in large chunks and cook in bacon grease.
Wash and cut potatoes into cubes. Add to pan with the onions.
(For quicker cooking, I usually toss the tater cubes into the microwave for about 5 minutes first.)
Crumble bacon and add back into the pan once that taters are cooked through.
Add garlic and seasonings to taste.
I then distribute it all evenly in the pan and make little dents and crack eggs into said dents. Lower heat to low, and cover until eggs are cooked. We like the yolks runny..

Then I just scoop it out in two-egg sections for each of us. I usually add a bit more salt and pepper, and I douse mine in hot sauce. I put that shit on EVERYTHANG.

We have this often. I have also made it with sweet potatoes and Brussels, with bacon and eggs. And have also switched out bacon for sausage. We have it for dinner, too, every now and again.

Share a favorite recipe of yours with me! Please!

Until next time …


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