“Would you ever get rid of your television?”

I don’t know. We really do not watch a lot of tv. It is something we enjoy doing after dinner. We usually watch Wheel of Fortune, and after that we have a few regular shows we like to watch. We like Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef. We watch Survivor when it is on. We also love watching biographies on A&E, and we love anything on the Science Channel. We have been sucked in to watching The Curse of Oak Island, and the Skinwalker Ranch show. Oh and we watch American Ninja Warrior, too.

We have Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, and I recently paid for a year of CuriosityStream or whatever it is called. It is geared towards educators. There are series of short 10 minute clips regarding certain topics, as well as full length documentaries, and half-hour shows, too. We are loving it. We like educational stuff as well as fluff.

So, while we aren’t glued to it, it is something we enjoy. If I HAD to go without it, I wouldn’t cry over. Maybe just grumble a bit. LOL.

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