“What concert do you really want to go to?”

Is there anyone who knows me that really need me to clarify? haha!

I was born too late. If I could go back, I would go to every Queen show possible. That is the simple, short answer. Like, I would throw myself into unimaginable debt, travel the country.. the world even. You think I am kidding? I am so NOT. *sigh* I love that band SO MUCH. Amazing talent. Ridiculous, even. My favorites…

I would have liked to see Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin as well. And Starship, early Foreigner ..ohhhh there are so many!! ELVIS! I was a teeny, tiny, 4 year old Elvis FREAK, y’all … for real. When he died? Ugh. I cried for days. I WAS FOUR. I was devastated.

Years later, when pregnant for my kidlet… imagine my surprise when they scheduled my c-section for August 16th. My kid was born on Elvis’ death date. That little tidbit of info does not impress her at all. Neither does Elvis.


Until next time …


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