Hey. Hi. Hello.

Hey Y’all!

Bear with me as I try to figure this out. It has been a hundred years. I was tired of not being able to edit elements of the site the way that I really wanted, so I bought a Pro theme and now I have full access, and just enough knowledge to REALLY screw things up. I hope that I can really make this space what I need it to be.

Hi. I am Jen. I lost myself for awhile. Here is where I talk about trying to find myself, trying to be better in all aspects of life. I am moody, unpredictable, opinionated, a realist (who really struggles with being a realist), loving, caring, kind, and mostly laid back. I love my family beyond measure. I try to treat others as I wish to be treated. I do not tolerate bigotry, racism, and or hatred.. you get nasty, you get blocked. I do not engage. Just be nice.. ;)

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