Friday Five,  Hey. Hi. Hello.

Questions for the Friday Five

The Friday Five was a big deal back in the blogging days. There was a blog that posted 5 questions, and people would answer those questions on their own personal blog. I always enjoyed doing it, so here we go. You can answer in the comments if you like, because honestly, theres like 3 of you and no one I know blogs any more. 🙁

And yes, I know it is only Wednesday. I figured I would post a bit early in hopes someone would actually see it. haha.

  1. What is your favorite color combination?
  2. What is one food that you love fresh, but hate when it is canned?
  3. Where would you like to be right now?
  4. How much rain is too much rain?
  5. What nicknames do you have/have had?

Thanks for playing along, if you so choose to do!

Hi. I am Jen. I lost myself for awhile. Here is where I talk about trying to find myself, trying to be better in all aspects of life. I am moody, unpredictable, opinionated, a realist (who really struggles with being a realist), loving, caring, kind, and mostly laid back. I love my family beyond measure. I try to treat others as I wish to be treated. I do not tolerate bigotry, racism, and or hatred.. you get nasty, you get blocked. I do not engage. Just be nice.. ;)

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  • Jen

    My answers!

    1. Blue, grey, white, and black. Especially darker blues. I think it gives a nice, clean look.

    2. Spinach. Love it fresh. Canned or frozen is NASTY. ugh.

    3. Bora Bora.

    4. I don’t like it when the ground is so saturated that it squishes beneath your feet. Yucky. So, any amount of rain that does that, or starts the flooding process, is too much for me!

    5. When I was younger, some friends called me “Skeeter”… in High School I was just ‘Jen’, or ‘Jenners’ … now I am ‘Mom’, and that one is my favorite.

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