50 Questions,  Hey. Hi. Hello.

Personal History – 50 Questions

I found this on Pinterest, and decided that I would do it. 😉

It is 50 questions about yours truly. I am going to answer one question a day. The first question is, “Your name.. where does it come from? What does it mean?”

Wellllll… *eyeroll* I was almost named Rebecca. Then, my mom wanted to name me Jenna. Not sure what happened, but Jennifer it is. Along with like 70% of all the other girls born in the early 70s! I actually had a friend growing up who knew a bunch of guys who started a band called, “Too Many Jens” !!

I was called Jenni by my folks and close family as a young child. I put the kibosh on that at some point. Everyone I met that was called Jenny was a total snot (that has since changed. I know lots of Jenny’s who are wonderful), and I got tired of telling everyone that it was Jenni with an “I”, not a “y” ….

As an adult, there were three people who got away with calling me Jenni, and those folks were my dad, my Nanny, and my ex-husband’s grandmother, Maria. Anyone else was given a glare and a stern warning.

Jennifer is a Cornish version of the Welsh name Gwynhwyfar, and was used for gals of light complexion. (and if you know me, I am the whitest…) It stems from an old Celtic root word for “White, fair, or blessed.”

Fun Fact!
The name skyrocketed into popularity after the main character Jennifer/Jenny from the novel LOVE STORY, and it’s subsequent movie, released in 1970. The name shot to Number One and stayed there until 1985.. Too many Jens, indeed!

So, now you know! Care to share the meaning behind your name?

Hi. I am Jen. I lost myself for awhile. Here is where I talk about trying to find myself, trying to be better in all aspects of life. I am moody, unpredictable, opinionated, a realist (who really struggles with being a realist), loving, caring, kind, and mostly laid back. I love my family beyond measure. I try to treat others as I wish to be treated. I do not tolerate bigotry, racism, and or hatred.. you get nasty, you get blocked. I do not engage. Just be nice.. ;)

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