50 Questions,  Hey. Hi. Hello.

Question 34

Personal History Question 34 is, “What was your first job?”

Well, my first actual paying job with a set schedule (I used to baby sit here and there) was at age 14. I had a paper route. I took it over from my friends brother. It was in my neighborhood and I had to do it every day, regardless of the weather, or how I was feeling. Mom helped me out on Sunday mornings, thankfully, throwing the papers and inserts into the back of the car. I’d stuff all the papers with the inserts and she would drive a long behind me at a snails pace at 5 a.m. while I delivered them. I think I had around 60 customers. I got paid peanuts, but it was enough for me to keep at it until I turned 15 and could get another job! I really did not mind it much. I was chatty, and I enjoyed talking to some of the folks kind enough to acknowledge my existence. And my grandpa was on my route, so I got to see him each day for a few minutes, which was nice. He usually had a hot/cold drink waiting for me. <3

Hi. I am Jen. I lost myself for awhile. Here is where I talk about trying to find myself, trying to be better in all aspects of life. I am moody, unpredictable, opinionated, a realist (who really struggles with being a realist), loving, caring, kind, and mostly laid back. I love my family beyond measure. I try to treat others as I wish to be treated. I do not tolerate bigotry, racism, and or hatred.. you get nasty, you get blocked. I do not engage. Just be nice.. ;)

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