Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend.  Married.  48 years old.  Lives in Oakland, MD.  Native Cape Codder.  Has lived in MA, PA, WV, and FL.  Homeschool Mom.  Loves include: my family and friends, MUSIC,  cooking/baking/canning, gardening, being outdoors, the river, the creek, nature, anything Science-y, rocks, fossils, gems, minerals, clouds, birds, butterflies, hiking, camping, lounging in my hammock, taking pictures, cooking, reading, being on this stupid computer, Facebook, Netflix, cats, hanging out with friends, bonfires, making things with my Cricut (shirts, decals, stickers, hair bows, earrings etc.. that no one wants to buy. LOL)… Macrame, and card making and lots of other crafty shit. Interested in sustainable and green living, adopting a prepper mindset. Working to get back to a simpler life….

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