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    Time Well Spent

    Spent the other morning snapping beans with my mom on the front porch. We were all set to can these things, when we realized we had lost the weights for the pressure canner. So, they are in the fridge. Tomorrow I buy a new pressure canner so we can get these things done. I am also getting a half bushel of tomatoes to can as well. We also have peaches to can! I love doing this stuff with her, and putting things up for winter.

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    Live and Learn

    We all love Hamburger Helper type meals. However, we really try not to eat too much processed stuff. The last time I made a box of that stuff, I spent 2 days in the bathroom.. so… yeah, we just don’t go there any more. I do not think we have had a box of that in almost 13 years. Every now and then, I make my own version. The other night, none of us could decide on what to eat. Hubby suggested that I make one of my home made helper-type meals. With everyone in agreement, I thawed out some boneless, skinless chicken thighs, diced up a large onion, and…

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    Recipe Gone Wrong

    My mom is going to kill me for posting this. Haha. She was going to make a Pineapple Upside Down cake for dessert one evening. She got out everything she needed and made the batter. She then realized she did not have the pineapples, so she went looking for a can. We did not have any! So, she opened a can of mixed fruit, drained it, and used that instead. When she went to take it out of the pan, it was this hot mess. It definitely is not pretty, but I will tell you what.. This did not last until morning! It was absolutely DELICIOUS. We just left the…