• 50 Questions,  Hey. Hi. Hello.

    Personal History – 50 Questions

    I found this on Pinterest, and decided that I would do it. 😉 It is 50 questions about yours truly. I am going to answer one question a day. The first question is, “Your name.. where does it come from? What does it mean?” Wellllll… *eyeroll* I was almost named Rebecca. Then, my mom wanted to name me Jenna. Not sure what happened, but Jennifer it is. Along with like 70% of all the other girls born in the early 70s! I actually had a friend growing up who knew a bunch of guys who started a band called, “Too Many Jens” !! I was called Jenni by my folks…

  • Hey. Hi. Hello.

    Beautiful Day

    I had tomatoes to can. I had floors that needed swept. I had laundry to do. It will still all be there tomorrow. Today, I sat on the porch and worked on a puzzle that my friend let me borrow. Hubby spent a good bit of time out there with me. It was a really nice day. I DID clean my kitchen, and make a yummy dinner. I also folded a load of clothes. The rest can wait. The next two days will be a flurry of activity, as I have to finish canning my tomatoes and get the downstairs spic and span. My offspring turns 16 on Tuesday. On…

  • Friday Five,  Hey. Hi. Hello.

    Questions for the Friday Five

    The Friday Five was a big deal back in the blogging days. There was a blog that posted 5 questions, and people would answer those questions on their own personal blog. I always enjoyed doing it, so here we go. You can answer in the comments if you like, because honestly, theres like 3 of you and no one I know blogs any more. 🙁 And yes, I know it is only Wednesday. I figured I would post a bit early in hopes someone would actually see it. haha. What is your favorite color combination? What is one food that you love fresh, but hate when it is canned? Where…

  • Hey. Hi. Hello.

    Hi. :D

    To the three of you that may actually read this.. Hi. My usual boring drivel will show up here. Anything food or health related, I have set to go right to the pages listed up there on the menu. From the Kitchen is foodstuffs, Better Every Day is my ongoing health crap. I plan to get real over there. It won’t be pretty. I don’t expect anyone to really involve themselves in that. Picturebook is where I dump my pics of the cats/dog/family/etc. Around town will be about Oakland.. things going on, places or events we have been to/attended etc. Friday Five was a fun thing to do back in…

  • Hey. Hi. Hello.

    Making progress!

    Well, hello there. I spent some time tonight trying to get this place cleaned up. It is coming along!! I paid for the pro template. I am glad that I did. However, for one of the things that I am wanting to do, I now see that I will have to most likely pay for another premium service. Argh. I just cannot find a way to do one of the things that I REALLY want to do!! The template folks have some help forums, so I am about to head on over to ask some questions. There may be another way for me to do what I want, that I…

  • Hey. Hi. Hello.

    Hey Y’all!

    Bear with me as I try to figure this out. It has been a hundred years. I was tired of not being able to edit elements of the site the way that I really wanted, so I bought a Pro theme and now I have full access, and just enough knowledge to REALLY screw things up. I hope that I can really make this space what I need it to be.