50 Questions,  Hey. Hi. Hello.

Questions 16

Personal History Question 16 is, “What world events were significant to you as a child?

Hm. The few that stick out are Elvis dying, John Lennon’s assassination, and I remember something about a young American girl writing a letter to a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, in 1982, I think. She got tons of attention. I remember being mad about it because before she did that, I had told my parents that I was going to write a letter to President Reagan to plead with him to stop this scary nonsense. LOL

I remember hearing about AIDS, and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in FL was hit by a barge, and collapsed on May 9th, 1980. We were on Treasure Island the day it happened. It was my mom’s birthday. I remember Mt. St. Helen exploding into an eruption not long after that.

I vividly remember the Space Shuttle Challenger exploding before my eyes… Bill Clinton’s impeachment, the fall of the Berlin Wall… That is all that comes to mind at the moment.

Question 17 tomorrow~

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